Roof Maintenance by Qualified Contractors in Torquay

Affordable Roofing maintenance has been in business within Torquay and throughout the South West for over 35 years. Although all of the roofing products we offer are of high quality and made to last, maintenance is still a major factor in prolonging the life of your roof. Our excellent aftercare service will ensure your roof continues to perform, year after year.

Over the years, roofing surfaces experience normal wear and tear due to constant exposure to harsh weather and drastic temperature changes. Thankfully, we offer a wide variety of property maintenance services in Torbay to keep your roof looking and performing its best all year long.

Roofing Maintenance That Fits Your Unique Situation

With our years of experience, we understand all the intricacies of roofing and have your full maintenance covered. Different materials such as tile or slate often require unique maintenance solutions. There are many reasons as to why you may require roof maintenance as well.

For example, storm damage should be addressed right away to avoid any damage to the underlying structure and interior of the home. Affordable Roofing is certainly more than capable of emergency repair, but there are also a number of other issues we can assist with. Below we will discuss just a few potential reasons as to why you may require roof maintenance.


Over time, it is somewhat common for cracks to occur in roofing. Even the smallest crack can give an entry point for moisture and water to begin accessing the structure of your home. Often prevention is key, and addressing minor issues can avoid much larger additional costs later in time.

Our friendly roofers can quickly identify the source of any cracks and remedy the situation to keep your roof in top condition. For more pervasive cracking, our roofers can replace damaged or worn sections of a roof while matching the current appearance, to avoid having to replace the entire roof.

Roof Caps

Roof caps are another common area of the roof that is prone to wearing or damage over time. Being right at the tip, this area of the roof takes the brunt of the damage that weather can throw at it. We specialize in re-pointing and re-bedding roof caps to increase the life of your roof.

Torbay Chimney Work

Finally, Affordable Roofing is also fully capable of inspecting and addressing any chimney work that may be required. Since we know that chimney work can be costly, we offer free quotations to allow you to make an informed choice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote and see how competitive our prices can truly be. Chimney work is just another example of how Affordable Roofing can ensure your full maintenance is covered.

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This is simply a basic overview of the comprehensive roofing maintenance and one-off projects that Affordable Roofing offers. Whether your roof is simply old and in disrepair, or you’re beginning a new construction project, contact Affordable Roofing today and see how reliable, prompt, and cost efficient our services can be.

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