Affordable Decorating and Property Maintenance in Torquay

Whether you are looking to redecorate your entire home or get minor repairs done on your property, our qualified staff is on hand to help in Torquay and across Devon. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we believe in proper assessment before getting the job done. Getting everything right from the start will get and keep your home beautiful.

Wallpaper Hanging

Our decorators can provide wallpaper finishing for a single room, entire floor or just a wall to act as a focal point. They offer both standard and custom wallpapering services to give you a unique home.

Property Maintenance in Torbay

We work across Torbay to meet customers’ domestic and commercial maintenance needs. We provide a wide range of services to ensure the property is not just habitable, but also appealing. Whether that’s just fixing a leaky tap or refurbishing the entire building, we will gladly do it all at an affordable cost. We generally work on short-term projects or contracts; we have several customers who frequently contact us for work on different types of projects. They understand that well-maintained property increase in value and become easier to sell or rent.

Work gets done by a team of professional decorators

Our professionals are experienced in decorating interior and exterior spaces. Not only are they accredited by professional bodies, but they also pride themselves in doing spectacular work. They will work around the clock to offer you what you want—whether it is pristine walls or perfectly finished floors.

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